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Europa Universalis III

EU3 Vs Me - Article Print

EU3 Vs Me

In Pixel Ponderings, Whatcha' Been Playin? on March 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Join me for a blow-by-blow account of my efforts to tame one of the most hardcore strategy games around, Europa Universalis 3


Ok, so itís currently 9:30 A.M. on a Sunday morning and Iím about to embark on one of my more crazier experiments. Thatís right, Iíve got a copy of Europa Universalis 3 installed and ready to go, and Iím about to hit the ďPlayĒ button.

Iíve always held a cursory interest in the Europa series and the niche grand-strategy games like it, though (much like others do with EVE Online) theyíve always scared me away with their sheer depth and breadth of gameplay systems and mechanics at work. Even a quick look at an in-game screenshot is enough to scare me away, and while I enjoy the simpler (though for some still too complicated) Civ or Total War series, Iíve never been game enough to jump on in, at least until now.

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