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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 13th of September 2006 Print

I am now back fulltime at the office with the team again, after a 1.5-week press tour and catching a severe cold. It was extremely satisfying seeing all the positive feedback we got, as well as coming back to see such enormous progress on the game while I was gone.

The interface team has been working on implementing the alert-system. Those of you that enjoy Victoria: Revolutions knows which extremely vital interface system we are talking about here. These guys have also started working on the ledger, which should be showing the detailed information you all crave. Even more progress has been made in adding game settings; supporting all resolution changes you can want as well as changing it while playing. The history database has received many revisions to make it even more detailed. We have also worked at improving the map, which is a constant progress in the game.

The military country screen will let players choose different styles of play for their infantry troops. As Sweden, you can choose an infantry tactic known as Swedish Caroline. Only those in the Latin technology group can select this type of style for their as they are enabled. The Caroline is much better at offensive tactics than defensive and fits those that like to attack and win quickly. It has a standard maneuver for a mobile infantry. A modder can easily add/remove/change these and which tech-levels that enables them.

Here I am playing as Castille, and have declared war on Granada and am attacking them in Almeira. This is the interface shown when you are seizing which shows the progress of the siege graphically, as well as breaches, assaults and other events. Each fortress level provides 1000 men into the garrison, which are replenished each month, depending on several factors, if the fort is not under siege. This means that you cannot quickly blitz enemy territory and have many forts perfectly garrisoned instantly.