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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 23rd of August 2006 Print

We had a great press meeting last Friday, showing off an early pre-beta copy of the game to a group of invited journalists. Soon we will get in a new group of betas, who will be able to enjoy the game.

The artificial intelligence team has been busy with artificial intelligence for managing leaders, as well as making it recruit mercenaries and raise more troops. The scripters have wrapped up the random events and been busy polishing the historical database from the beta feedback. The final ships should be done this week, and then we have all the basic units in the game. Interface has focused on the front-end, which is now fully operable. They are now starting work on our new ledger, which will introduce quite a few things everyone has been dreaming about.

This screen illustrates the National ideas which can consist of up to a maximum of 10 at the end of the game, depending on your government technology progress. As the game progresses, they become of major strategic importance. The total of 30 ideas are organized by six different sliders in five different categories. Of course, that can be changed entirely by a modder.

[Screen Netherlands]

Troop sizes are no longer enormous in EU3 compared to the previous games. Each regiment has certain tactical types, of which there are hundreds that are enabled through various tech levels for different groups. They have different stats in offensive or defensive values, which make it a tactical option to use for your main country troops. Here is also a screenshot of the political map mode, where our glorious Dutch troops have liberated/conquered a few provinces in the Spanish Netherlands, which are shown by the occupiers colors striped. One word though. Shadows are not enabled here, which gives a weird look, but I wanted the stripes to be clear in this screen. In addition, regiments will get proper names very soon.