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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 9th of August 2006 Print

The entire team is now back from summer holidays, and we are all working like crazy, We have not all been gone all these weeks, so there have been plenty of things developed even though the Sun has scorched those poor unfortunate people not sitting in our nice air conditioned office.

A lot of work has been done on the artificial intelligence, where we have taken all the knowledge and experience from our previous games, and improved even further. The artists have worked further on the map, adding in rivers and revising the look slightly. All uniforms for armies have been done, and we are working on the final ships. The event team has been busy designing random events, and implementing our execution-scope system. The interface team has been busy adding feedback messages and developing the leader's assignment interface.

The cultures file, list which cultures exist, and which belong to the same group. A country has one primary culture and maybe a few accepted cultures. A province belonging to the same culture group as your primary culture is treated the same as an accepted culture. This means that Sweden with Swedish as primary culture and Finnish as accepted culture, has no penalties from Scandinavian cultures, but get penalties from other Finno-Ugric cultures.

This is the peace offer construction phase. I am playing Brittany and fighting a war with France. I am now offering them a peace, and have several options to use in a peace offer. As normal, I can secede provinces and give up ducats. In Eu3, I can also renounce core-provinces, let go of vassals and/or set free new countries as a part of a peace deal. If I am demanding peace, I can enforce religious changes and vassalizations. If the war is a succession-war, you can also have the personal union goals of such a war as a part of the peace offer. In the window to the right, the loser is shown as red, and the winner as green, and details of the peace agreement are shown in bright green.