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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 28th of June 2006 Print

We have all concluded that football is not a real sport, and only ice hockey is relevant. Midsummer has passed, and it is now closing in on the summer holidays here.

A lot of focus has been put on wrapping up the main work on the two major remaining interface pieces. The peace negotiation interface have been designed and implemented, and we plan to show it within a few weeks. We have also been working on the three different combat interfaces, with the land combat nearing completion. The engine guys have been working hard with the new underlying multiplayer protocol, and the game is now running in multiplayer on our local LAN. The artists are busy adding the animations and looks of African units.

The trade goods file contains information on the prices, special characteristics and demand modifiers for each goods in the game. Of course, it is fully flexible on adding and removing goods.

Here is Maine, a French province in the late 17th century. I am in the province interface, and contemplating what manufactory to build in this province. All the other possible buildings that can be built in a province can be seen in the interface as well.