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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 15th of June 2006 Print

We are still in shock after the abysmal first game of the World Cup, but trying to cope with the disaster by working more on EU3.

The basic game logic development is now finished, and we have shifted focus towards more development on the interface. We have been working a lot on designing the combat interface, and adapting the interfaces for spies and papacy. The map team has finalized the rolling waves on the beaches, which makes the map come to alive. The artists have been busy adding in colonial animations, while also developing the double-decker warships.

The buildings file contains all information and effects for each type of building in the game. Each of these uses the modifier-types in the same way and syntax as both the last two files we have shown previously. Of course, if a modder adds a new building, he can just add artwork with same name, and they are automatically used.

This screen shows the papacy screen. I am playing as Sweden and have two bishops, which mean I am currently in the control of the curia. The controller of the curia has some certain benefits, and it gains severe bonuses whenever a new Pope is elected. New bishops are automatically controlled by whoever control their home province, and are cheaper to be bribed back.