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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 8th of June 2006 Print

Summer is here, but we are still working as much as we can on Eu3. This Tuesday was Sweden's national day, so we had to celebrate that of course.

The interface team have been adapting in our new message system into the game, which gives us feedback on all in-game actions. The game logic guys have put in the system for prestige, which creates an entire different dimension to the game. They have also put in various other things like religious conversions, papal actions and pirates. The map team has been doing the first drafts of coastlines where we will have waves rolling, and finally, our artists have been adding in various map icons, as manufactories, capital and centre of trade icons.

One of the most important files that can be modded in Eu3 is the static_modifiers file.

It contains every game status factor on province and country level. Each of these uses the modifier-types in the same way and syntax as the domestic policies we showed last week. If a modder wants to decrease the cost of ships for each overseas province, he can do that, or if he wants to have revolt-risk to affect attrition, then that is possible as well.

This screen shows the government selection screen. Here France is still a Feudal Monarchy in 1577, but has four other potential government forms to select from. Please note that the more advanced and well-organized government forms have a shorter delay on how long they have to wait between changing policies.