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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 31st of May 2006 Print

The long weekend is now over and we are all back and working hard here at the office.

The animation team has been busy adding frigate animations to the game, which is a vital part of the naval system. Ships are organized in capital ships like 3-deckers, galleons, carracks, in light ships like frigates and in galleys. The interface team has been working on such different systems as vassal creation, mercenary recruitment and Holy Roman Empire overview. The focus in game logics has been on developing the event-system, where the goal is to have every variable in the game accessible from the event system. Fog of War, Terra Incognita and the flow for rivers have been added to the map this last week.

This screen shows the overview of the Holy Roman Empire, where you can easily see who the members of the empire is, as well as the current emperor, and who the electors are. The electors also show whom they will be voting for in the next imperial election, as well as your current relation with them. As you can see, the map of Portugal has been changed, and they now have defensive depth when fighting a war.