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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 17th of May 2006 Print

As usual, we have been working hard on improving the game. It is a joy to wake up each morning and knowing that today will be another day working with EU3. Among the latest things our interface team have worked on this last week includes interfaces for various unit types, colonization interface and implementing sound effects. Support for all effects from national ideas was added to the code, which gave some rather nice design discussions. The first progress animations have been added to the game, and we currently are using a classic-EU approach of having a blacksmith hammering away to show an army being built. The underlying code for the political, religious and similar map mode is now finished, and the map-team work with adapting in terra incognita this week. It was great to see the reception we got from showing the game to the press at E3. It really felt inspiring to see so much positive feedback.

Today, we are starting a series of explaining what I meant a few weeks back with this being a modders wet dream. There are no fixed country tags at all in EU3, as all are completely defined from a text file, which is loaded at the game start.

If a modder wants to remove or add tags, he just picks any unused 3-letter combination and creates an entry for that country, and that country is fully usable.

The overview screen lists the overview details of your nation, your ruler, your culture(s), your religion, relations and status.