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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 11th of October 2006 Print
We have been too busy developing lately to take the time and write a development diary. The game is moving forward at a great pace and is extremely fun to play right now. Unfortunately I drew Poland as my country for the office multiplayer sessions, while the most dangerous and experienced are in France, Muscowy & Austria.

A lot of focus have been done on the AI this last few weeks, improving invasion ahnd transport AI, while making it fight proper campaigns. The standard tactic of always controlling the curia was no longer a nobrainer option when the AI decided to protect their cardinals. The interface team have worked a lot on developing tooltips, streamlining interfaces and making the game easier to play. The map guys have revised the look of the cities on maps, and been adding several more features to the map. Our new metaserver works nicely, with several more userfriendly options for multiplayer.

# If you add religions, and use those tags, do not change them without changing everywhere they are used.
# Uses all 'modifiers' possible thats exported as a Modifier.
christian = {
catholic = {
color = { 0.7 0.7 0 }
allowed_conversion = {
stability_cost = 20
colonists = 2
diplomats = 2
missionaries = 1
missionary_placement_chance = 0.3
date = 1.1.1 # Enabled at our Saviours birth.
papacy = yes #can play with papacy stuff..

Religions are grouped in Eu3, and religions in the same group gives you specific tolerance sliders, while you gain a one for entire groups of others. Effects of each religion can be scripted totally, and a modder can also define some other characteristics for a religion, including which can access the papacy.

It all belongs to Mother Russia! This screenshot shows the new system for diplomatic offers, as well as showing Moskva in all its glory.