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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 18th of October 2006 Print

The development continues as we reach closer and closer to the true crunch of the project. This last week, some major balancing issues have been done to strengthen Poland, as they clearly needed it.

One favorite concept from the original games was the concept of winter. In Eu3 that has been expanded to have three different types of winter, ranging from mild to severe. The map team has while working on proper names on the map, also been busy improving the look of mountains as well added support for winter being depicted on the map. The AI team has added in the exploration and colonization, while the gameplay team has focused on implementing the system of gaining and losing cores. You need to maintain ownership for 50 years to assimilate a province into a core, while you lose a core when it has passed 25 years of you not attempting to fight for it. Some additional diplomatic options were added this week as well, including selling of provinces and the option to use war subsidies.

Here we see a battle as my glorious French army of two mercenary regiments has invaded Provence. At the map, you will see the losses over your units when they fight a battle to give a quick overview without selecting the units. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a quick combat overview. The attacker is at the top of the screen, while the defender is at the bottom. All dicerolls and modifiers are shown clearly, where we have rolled a one and the opponent a zero. We have a terrain penalty of one though, as we ended up facing the enemy in a forest. The regiments are distributed on the battlefield in the middle, where they fight out the battle over shock and fire phases. 


If you look closely, you can see the frost in the trees in northern & central France, which depicts the “mild winter” that they get in January. Nothing close to what you will get in Russia, but still something to watch when campaigning.