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Europa Universalis III

Firing Squad Interview Print

Here is an interview from Firing Squad with our producer Johan Andersson.

FiringSquad: One of the few complaints players had about the EU series was the amount of downtime in between wars. The Hearts of Iron franchise has really improved on that aspect, making peacetime fairly eventful with research, provincial upgrades and diplomacy. What can we expect from EU3 during peace?

Johan: We've added several options for the players to consider during peacetime. First of all, there are a few more provincial upgrades to consider. There are also a few more things to evaluate and consider in the government setup, with selecting national ideas and government forms. You have advisors that you can appoint to your court to give benefits depending on your needs. You can also send spies on missions to instigate revolts, ruin reputations, destroy trade and other non-open warfare tactics against an opponent. The interaction with the Pope and the Emperor is also something to do during peacetime. Of course, there's the old options of trading for income, colonise for new territories and negotiate diplomatically that was in the old game as well.

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