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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 25th of October 2006 Print

Its getting late, and my workday is about to end, so I am wrapping this little development diary up for you to read.

The artists have done a lot of work and now every country has their own unique uniforms for their troops. The map team spent a lot of time with terrain revisions, general layout as well as introducing anti-aliasing. The interface guys reworked the information screen for diplomacy, and also added several graphs to the ledger. The game logics worked on making natives more reactive, and made maneuver a much more important stat of leaders. It now affects the movement speed of the leaders unit.

Here we see the diplomatic interface as I, playing France, is viewing an Austrian province in the Netherlands. In this interface, you can see all the intricate little details about other countries, including their stability, who rules them, their advisors and ideas, as well as their diplomatic relations.

What is visible to the top right is what we currently call the “outliner”. This nifty tool is easily configurable to view the options you want at a glance, including everything from current sieges, through colonists enroute, to listings of armies and provinces. I currently have current recruitments (which lists where, type and how many days until finished), the center of trades I have a presence or is expanding in, and my current armies.