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Europa Universalis III

Development Diary - 8th of November 2006 Print

Itís almost two weeks since we last put out a development diary. Last week we simply were too busy to even take the thirty minutes of putting together a small update like this. Of course we cannot hold off these things indefinitely though.


The map team has worked a lot on removing the legolook of the political map, and split squares up into sub triangles wherever possible. Meanwhile, our interface focus has been on enhancing tooltips, and colorizing many numbers into green and red depending on context and value. In addition, many map modes have gotten expanded features. The new metaserver is coming along nicely, and the new registration system is now ready. Game balancing is going along nicely now, and the new difficulty system is implemented, which exports all bonus/maluses for everyone.

We have started working on the tutorial now, and hope it should provide an easy route for new players into the game. This means we are pretty much feature complete now, and will focus on bugs and AI from now on.

Here we see Russia about to colonize the Far East. The system work similar to EU2, except that we removed the paint-the-map-marker formerly known as trading posts, and instead made colonists slightly cheaper. However, there are now two new flexible options when at war. Burn colony, which lets you completely eradicate that enemy owned colony from the map, while also damaging your reputation. You can also seize a colony immediately during a war, which makes it yours permanent directly without waiting for a peace negotiation.

Today, we actually added a second little screen for you all to see. This is in the trade map mode, where you can see the different trade zones. It also depicts with black stripes, which provinces have owners that are refusing us trades.